50 Year History Booklet

50 Year History Rotary Club #532 Jackson, California written by Maurine B. Crosby
50 Year History Booklet (PDF)
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Rotary Clubs have been encouraged for years to document their history. Unfortunately, it is easier recommended than accomplished.

My husband, Pat, and I have accumulated many items pertaining to Jackson Rotary. I think in a weak moment I volunteered to organize the information into a booklet for the Club. Other Rotarians, hearing of the project, contributed memorabilia. However, we know there are more pictures, trophies, and documents packed in boxes or on shelves in our community and elsewhere.

I believe it is appropriate to remind you as you read this I was unable to document certain portions. Stories passed along verbally are frequently embellished by Rotary mischief. News clippings become faded and tattered.

I hope, because of this edition, each of you will attempt to locate items you have which you are willing to share. It would be wonderful if, as a result, we can rewrite the history in a more complete version.

May you enjoy the achievements of Jackson Rotary Club and appreciate the efforts of all who have been members during the past fifty years.

Maurine B. Crosby